Tuesday, December 6, 2011


What a great occasion to end this year!
We, the same bunch of people who I had exhibition last year at Arpana Caur Gallery, showcasing this time at Russian Centre for Science and Culture, New Delhi, India. Its from 10th Decemeber (Saturday) to 12th Decemeber (Monday) from 10.30am to 6.30pm. I know; its for a short period but it falls on weekend, hence don't miss it.
We are total 7 artists with different set of skills and styles. I am displaying total 8 artworks (of course-calligraphy ones). Details about show, venue, experiences etc. will follow in the next post.
Here its the invite. Please consider this as a personal invitation and feel free to pass it to your friends, colleagues, families, etc. If you are not from Delhi, it would be appreciated if you spread the message to locals :)

Hope to see & meet you soon!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Pool Magazine Feature

Interview in the Pool Magazine*!
*Pool is the first International Design Magazine from India now currently with it’s 15th Issue in print. It is a monthly printed magazine. More than 150,000 readers read and follow POOL worldwide. It is being seen as a voice of creativity from India. 
Pool’s advisory board has very well known designers from all over the world from various disciplines. 
 The huge potential reader base of Pool comprises of - Independent Creative Professionals, Design Consultancies & professionals, Creative Businesses, Educational Institutes & Industry, Art & Design Student community. 

Thank you so much Pool team for featuring me!

Friday, September 30, 2011

Workshop + Exhibition

Are you ready to dirty your hands?
To spill the inks on paper without any fear?
Lets learn A,B,C,D again, but newer and experimental way!
Come and join me to play together to create the magic of letters.

On this Saturday 1st of October, in Faridabad (Near Delhi), School of Experiments is organizing a calligraphy workshop with me and followed by 15 days long exhibition.
Look at the poster for more details and spread the words and come to enjoy your weekend (post lunch)

Monday, August 8, 2011

New News

This year too, I am honored by the Letter Arts Review, a well known USA based calligraphy magazine. My letter lamp (previous post only) got selected for this years LAR's annual juried issue. From total 540 entries of 170 artists from 26 countries. I feel excited and thrilled to get shortlisted.
I am really thankful to the jurors Massimo Polello, Italy and Holly Cohen, NY and also editor Christopher Calderhead for appreciating my work and made me share the space with other well known calligraphers.

This is first of the other good news. Past 3/4 months were really hectic and busy–on personal as well as on work front. Never got the chance to say hello and let you know what I was upto.
Here its the second news, its not really news, but wanted to share it with you as its a piece of graphic and you might find interesting. I was thinking of having a tattoo for a very long time and finally I got myself inked (an auspicious day when India won match against Pak in world cup–yes, I went in the break and inked myself). This tattoo is a symbol of 'god of knowledge i.e. Saraswati', I love this form since childhood, simple yet meaningful. I always appreciate the geometry. Tattoo is done by my friend's friend ISA, she is true hippy by heart and an excellent artist with excellent skills. Well, you must be thinking I should have done calligraphic tattoo? Just to kill the predictability and not making it obvious I opted for this non-typo work...but yes the next one is about the my love letters.

Now the last and the most happening news of my life. We were blessed with a baby girl on 11th May 2011, since its been joyful ride and feeling of parenthood its still sinking. We named her Devayani (means Goddess or mastermind in Sanskrit and its also a name of one of our Galaxy).

I am shuffling between Delhi and Mumbai because of this and will be back finally in August with the promise to share some more interesting stuff I was doing in this hectic period.
See you soon!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

++ Tall Dark Handsome ++

Presenting another version of letterlamp which I have made long time ago. This time its in metal; more sturdy but slightly heavy than the previous one. It showed its presence in ArtHouse exhibition too.
This LetterLamp is designed by using geometric abstraction of Devnagri (Script) consonants. These structured letters and basic skeleton of alphabets helped to create the grid like composition. Beauty of the lamp lies in counters of letterforms which create luminous small windows. This three sided lamp (prism shaped) is made up of 2mm thick aluminium sheet and powder coated in black with slight texture.

Switched Off Mode:

Switched On Mode:

It has cover/lid/cap on top which has light source attachment and its removable.

Well, this tall–dark–handsome–intellectual is also available for sale! To make your corner seriously, thoughtfully beautiful get in touch with me at anikheel@gmail.com.

A little work is left for inside. Planning to change the light source. I am going to replace the T5 (which is very long) to normal CFL. Right now its diffused with thin film sheet but can be replaced with white/milky acrylic or can be left open!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Commissioned Art Work

This is a commissioned work did for client who is also a regular follower of this blog for her residence in Gurgaon, India. Recently I visited her place to see the piece well framed and mounted on the wall. This 'harvest' artwork is definitely adding value to the wall; eventually her space which is well maintained and tastefully done. This artwork measure approx 3.5 ft x 2.5 ft and on Natural Evolution paper with colour inks and various tools.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

: : Sketches : :

Find out the artist' name which I did show with:

Did this sketch in the train after field visit in Sitla (Kumaon, Uttaranchal, India).

Quotes from the upcoming book on Bhagvad Gita (which I did cover)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A tiger at twilight and Cyclones : : Manoj Das

Presenting another book cover which I designed for Author Manoj Das–A tiger at twilight and Cyclones, publisher Penguin, India
Two different stories in one book.
Initially I did sketches on paper but for final I solely depended on digital media (illustrator) for lettering.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Aksharaya : : Calendar2011

Remember I mentioned about the type-workshop I have attended in Alibaug? On Thursday, the client Sona Commercial Pvt Ltd finally launched the calender here in Delhi which has all designers' artworks they made during workshop. Works included by the faculty, students, recently graduates, professional designers from Mumbai, Delhi, Bangaluru etc.
There were many participants so they selected best 12 to fit in this 2011's calendar. Here are some pictures of what we have done and the madness, fun behind these 12 leaves.
The Venue:

We worked in our rooms too...day & night!

Intricacy in progress, by Sulekha a designer from Bangaluru.

More madness but definitely fun...

Here is display of final leaves of the calendar, where they presented each page as an artwork and was looking really awesome.

L to R: Puppet in Gujrati-kathputni (Snehal), Water in Kannada (Hiren), Love in Hindi (Rocky)

The above photos are by Pooja Saxena, a Delhi based communication designer and avid typo lover. Find the word gurumukhi 'Ghumangheri' in her labyrinth artwork, can't find it then check her awesome blog.

Unfortunately my work is not included in this calendar, but never mind this calendar justifies the great skills, talent and creativity. But I am sharing what I have done. The letters have been composed or rather built in a way to represent a concrete grid like cityscape; not with ink and brush but with only papers of different thickness and colours where each Devanagri Vowel helps create the desired feel.

Seriously, It was a nice trip and great collaborative effort. Lots to learn, lots to know! This motivates me do go deeper and acquire more friendship with letters. The journey actually began with the end of workshop. Standing on the deck, cold breeze, admiring Trajan of Gate of India, like minded people around who drink, eat and sleep types...memorable experience!

Cheers and many thanks to Sarang, Noopur, Santosh Kshirsagar, Pooja, Hanif, Rocky, Sulekha, OJ (Ojaswi), Locopoco (lokesh) and entire Whitecrow, Aksharaya team and of course Sona Commercial.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Welcome 2011

Its bit late, rather I completely forgot to wish you.
...later thought...why not now?

Here I wish you all very beautiful, well kerned, classy, leading 2011.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Lamp for GreenHouse

During my last days in office, we were busy shaping up Greenhouse! GH is a cultural activity space, its an alternative education zone and its gathering space for interesting people, makers and creators artists, film makers, educators, photographers etc. Its located at awesome arty and design hang out place called Hauz Khas Village in Delhi. Recently we had a small official opening.
Studio people bought few lamps for this lovely space. These ready made spherical lamps with metal wires bound together had plastic bindings. Being designers; we all were itching to do something random/creative/interesting to it. I decided to do embellishment in calligraphy.
I used white ribbon (not the satin one but the one which local women used to tie their hair with) Its an inch high and 12/13 meter long translucent, nylonish ribbon wrapped around the sphere. The mix of Hindi, English calligraphy is scripted on that white ribbon.

It was bit tedious job to wrap the ribbon as its flimsy, nylon in nature.

Thanks Kassia for the last photo.