Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Pool Magazine Feature

Interview in the Pool Magazine*!
*Pool is the first International Design Magazine from India now currently with it’s 15th Issue in print. It is a monthly printed magazine. More than 150,000 readers read and follow POOL worldwide. It is being seen as a voice of creativity from India. 
Pool’s advisory board has very well known designers from all over the world from various disciplines. 
 The huge potential reader base of Pool comprises of - Independent Creative Professionals, Design Consultancies & professionals, Creative Businesses, Educational Institutes & Industry, Art & Design Student community. 

Thank you so much Pool team for featuring me!


Sergii said...

Congratulations Nikheel! Would you mind if I'll translate the interview to Russian and will publish it in my blog With link on your blog and on Pool Magazine, of course.
Kind regards, Sergii

Sandeep Menon said...

This is great news...
and again congrats for the news about the baby...
Life is full of pleasant surprises, we just have to wait to find them...and btw, how I wish you'd have posted your workshop pamphlet a few days earlier , I read it after it got over...TC.