Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Festivals of India : : Calendar

Remember 'The festivals of India' post? This is the detailed post of the same. Its a calender I have designed for a client 'Tricolite' who manufactures and supplies big electric machines for big scale companies. The theme which they decided this year was 'festivals of India'–different festivals celebrated in different parts of India in different months.
We decided to use calligraphy. Not only for lettering but explored the forms and graphics with calligraphy techniques. Basically all the graphics were made with strokes. It was a challenging experience in terms of creating 'imagery' with such constrains. With lots of experiments with nib thicknesses and dirtying hands and papers, finally we were ready with sets of graphics related to 12 festivals. Later it digitally scanned, composed and colour corrected.
Here is the cover:

We were actually running behind the time. The calenders should have reached the customers by mid of January. Because of some production hiccups we managed to deliver it by end of February. Hence the calender starts with April 2010 and ends with March 2011. Here are some glimpses of months/festivals.

This project was an experience! I was going through a severe pain, had a major dental surgery which became very complicated and was absolutely bed ridden for 5 days, couldn't open my mouth and move anywhere. This calligraphy came as savior. I have to be forcefully at home. D told me about this calender and was desperately in mood to do what I really like.
Actually this calligraphy worked as the best remedy for me to recover fast :)
This is how it looks as a spread:
Close up of forms and inks and texture:
Client as well as their customers were really happy to receive this 'piece'. Thanks Meera, Ayush and Dahiya and Mohor. Photocredits: Maithili Doshi.