Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Manohar Handwriting

My hand-writing had few influences from childhood, one is my mother who still (at 70yrs) has impeccable, consistent, neat (un-shaky) handwriting and second one was our society guard – Manohar. His job was to write information on the common board which is to be placed at the main entrance; so anyone enters or exits can view this. Recently when I went home, I didn't notice that large black board with beautiful devanagari, chalk letters. Why? because the master Manohar who used to write is passed away after major illness.

Sad to know, these blackboards will be empty or won't be embellished same as with Manohar's handwriting. I am sure, residents will manage without his handwriting – someone else (or digital printouts may be) will take over his place. The purpose is important; good skill is value addition – that's how we looked at him. There were very few appreciators who actually told him or gave rewards for his extraordinary skill.

I find it amazing because he was lefty. I have special respect for left handed calligraphers/ writers. He was true to his work; his name means – beautiful (Manohar means beautiful in Sanskrit and Marathi)

Thank you Manohar for being there during my upbringing and exposed the kids like us to the "good handwriting" we never interacted on this subject, I wish I could and I wish I documented your few lettering samples. But I am glad that on my last visit I clicked few pictures while you were writing the board. That's good enough memory for me to cherish.