Sunday, March 25, 2018

Twisted Type : : MICA, Ahmedabad

December 2017; I had an opportunity to conduct a calligraphy workshop in MICA institute, Ahmedabad. MICA has a course "Crafting Creative Communication" commonly called as CCC, under which they had planned elective programs with industry specialists and explorer of new crafts like film making, photography, story-telling, branding, radio communication etc.

My course "Twisted Type" was planned to introduce the calligraphy as an art form, the technical aspects of typography and ending with implementation of learning in commercial application with some exercises. I was fortunate to work with these 21 enthusiastic and sincere students. Full four days (including some mid-nights) comprised with basic calligraphy hands, introduction to typography, emotive typography, hand-lettering exercises then moving to experimental expressions with innovative tools and final group project. Being a residential campus it was fun-filled, homely atmosphere keeping the enthusiasm, curiosity intact and overall freshness in work.

Most of the modules were interactive, activity and games based. Love the energy & passion of these first time hand-letterers, brush holders and ink-splatters! The work they had delivered was totally incredible. Here I am sharing videos of course and final display.