Friday, May 28, 2010

My First Exhibition : : Invitation

I am really sorry for this long gap and couldn't post so far. The reason of disappearing was the exhibition. Yes, I am displaying my Calligraphy work (almost 15) in Mocha ArtHouse, here in Delhi.  Its a group exhibition, called LETTERFORMATIVE. There are total 6 artists, four from Mumbai, one from Ahmedabad and me. It's an excellent experience of experiments and learning. Hope to get a good response. I will write in detail about exhibition and other artists in the next post.
So here it is...
Leehkin is cordially invite all of you to calligraphy exhibition which will be on from 30th May till 10th of July, almost a month long. Whoever is in Delhi, visiting Delhi during this time, please drop in to the ArtHouse. PS: The artwork used in the invite is created by me ;)

Friday, May 7, 2010

Conversation with Passengers

Recently I went to Palampur and Andretta by train. I love train journeys. Its fascinating to just watch and hear people around you. I am the last one to initiate the conversation though I enjoy what they discuss, tell, crib about...publicly ;)

Moleskine Mania

Moleskine • Many thanks Avinash!