Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Edible Letters

Apart from lettering+calligraphy and Bollywood movies, I have another passion for FOOD! No... I am not talking about my culinary skills, but I am talking about how food makes me peppy and charged! Yeah I am total FOODIE! I love to eat and experiment new food. Being a vegetarian I have a limited choices but I still manage to find some way the other interesting things and combination to satisfy my hunger.
What if my these passions come together, lettering and food? letters created with food? Don't be amazed just have a look at these images. I did this small experiment in office kitchen when our cook was serving evening snack. (Yeah we are one of the luckiest studio where we get homemade lunch and snacks and n amount of teas and coffees as per our *demands*)
Here are the Palak Chillas (Spinach Creps) converted into letters:

This is Devnagri letter 'e'.

 This is Devnagri letter 'a' (not the apple 'a').

This is Roman letter 'A'.

This is Devnagri letter 'a' (Yes the apple 'a').

It was complete fun and a good break between office work. Thanks Dayanand for letting me use kitchen and Rikta for helping to shape my letters.