Wednesday, August 18, 2010

: : Show 2 : : Glimpses

Finally I got some time to post few pictures of the latest show. This show was awesome experience in terms of meeting different sets of people, getting their reaction and  appreciation was just fantastic. This exhibition had more professional touch than the previous one.
The venue was simply fabulous, its an academy of art and craft situated near Siri Fort (excellent location, easily accessible from any part of Delhi) run by the great artist Arpana Caur. It has two floors with basement where they have library, vocational training centre and of course two mid sizes exhibition galleries. Here is one of the gallery where we displayed our work. Many friends, colleagues, relatives (of other artists) were present for opening.
Some of my work, I displayed total 6 artworks.
This is devnagri 'T' with anuswara.
This is devnagri 'L' with double maatras. 
I also displayed some 'diaries' for sale. More details on the next post :)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A Group of Young Artists : : {Show TWO}

I would like to invite you for an another exhibition. Again its a group show of SIX young artists. They will showcase the mixed media artworks and paintings at Arpana Caur Gallery from 3-8 August, 2010. Its in Delhi, near Siri Fort Auditorium, whoever is in Delhi during that time please do come and visit the show. I am showcasing total 6 artworks with 5 other artists who have completely distinct styles.

Right side middle one is mine (I am sure you must have guessed it obviously ;)

LETTERFORMative : : Show {One}

Finally we took down the show! LETTERFORMative was an awesome experience. It was nice to know common man people are getting aware and amazed by this art, Calligraphy. Well, my intention was always to showcase Devnagri in modern form and should reach international platform. I enjoy experimenting and playing with various tools, techniques and materials. I personally like to make calligraphy more 'image centric' and create a visual abstraction of letterforms; where I am OK, if legibility takes a back seat. All letterforms have an excellent structure, body; its just a matter of peeling of each layer and exploring its hidden beauty.
Making an artworks were a game of ups and downs. It was frustrating to achieve a desired stroke after wasting days & days and papers or sometimes it was a joyful moment when accident with ink, paper and hand resulting in never-seen-piece.

Here are some pictures of behind the scene and actual show:
 Slowly going up
Finally all are up
 In the ambience

 I also made one lamp, displayed below (right side, Prism shaped). I am in the process of making such products.
Other artists were from JJ School of Art, Mumbai (Sarang, Noopur, Pradnya and Yashodeep) have a unique style. More abstract, slightly quirky and minimalistic. They have taken these alphabets in different level. This bunch is purely dedicated to type design and typography. I found overall more systematic approach than 'free' but that's their perception of looking Letterart and no doubt it was looking kickass!
Other artist cum faculty was Mr Kharsani from Ahmedabad, very experienced amongst rest of the gang. All the artworks show his trained and well-prepared 'hand' and knowledge of DNA of each alphabets. I amazed the way he gives energy and freedom to his letters.

I would like to thank Mocha ArtHouse team, my studio Codesign for their support. 
Here is curator Sandhya and me, trying to click photo of artworks, but in vain, because of stark glare and reflection; literally shooting stars, glares.
This show encourages and motivates me to do another show and look at this art more serious.
Yes I am already participating another show...see the next post for details and excitement.
Some photos by Vinay Jois.