Monday, January 2, 2012


Wish you a very joyous new 2012.
Wish you a very successful new 2012.
Wish you a very healthy new 2012.
Wish you a very peaceful new 2012.
Lets welcome 2012 with great hope, ambition and big smile.

Let me share the pictures of my last exhibition which took place in Russian Centre of Art & Science.(Group show). I displayed total eight pieces. Exhibition was a good experience in terms of my personal learning. Good response. Met new like-minded people. New Contacts. First time I put up the show in black & white (didn't feel like using colours rather my mind refused to use colours). First time I worked on bigger scale. The feeling of playing with letters and ink on such big canvas can't describe in words:) My mind subconsciously chose Devnagri alphabets and as usual they didn't disappoint me.
See the results here:

Wall one
Wall Two.

One of the biggies


The superb venue with work of rest of the artists.