Sunday, November 23, 2008

Groeten and Saludos!!

Hellos and Holas,
Yeah! am back from well deserved vacation. After these all museums, art, shopping, food, language, trams and metros, etc and etc now its very difficult getting back to the grind.
Both these places offer incredible visual treat. I am mainly putting design related stuff, what to do, Graphic designer within me can't skip the print, typo, colours, textures and what not!!
Amsterdam was bit cold and windy, so roaming around in the streets was slightly intriguing. Culturally rich, disciplined architecture, structured layout of the city reflect in the warmth of localities. Its a mecca for designers! Everything is so well 'designed' that you never face the 'functional' problems and you just goes well with the flow.
Must things to do: Van Gogh Museum, Rijks Museum, Visit Red Light:), Magic Mushrooms, Canals, Cheese, I Amsterdam 3 days Card, walk walk and walk or hire a bicycle.

Barcelona was pleasant. It is blessed with both beaches and hills and also the masters like Miro, Gaudi, Dali. There were surprises at every corner of the street. Wide roads along with modern as well as heritage buildings, sculptures make you feel in bliss! I think Barcelona is must must visit destination before you die! I am fortunate to experience this lovely city.
Must things to do: Gaudi Gaudi and Gaudi Sagrada Familia, Park Guell, La Rambla, Picasso Museum, Olympic Stadium and Museum, Tapas, Walk on the Beach, Look for Small Cafes, Dance sessions at Cathedral and again Walk Walk or take Undergrounds metros

P.S: Design studio in Amsterdam, Koeweiden Postama really liked the diaries
Groeten and Salutos mean 'Greetings' in Dutch and Spanish language respectively.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Its time to take a pause for a bit!! Leehkin is off to super alluring Amsterdam and lovely Barcelona for few days...yes going solely for a vacation purpose! Its studio's annual vacation

We will be going to visit one design studio in Amsterdam, so planning to give them some gifts or souvenirs from India. These handmade cloth covered diaries with strings attached represent true essence of Indian hospitality. Craftsmanship, colours and Devnagri initials of that studio members make an excellent gift idea and very personal!

There are total 24 pieces all together...

Mix of both...bright, vibrant and rusty, dull. (Cathy, Pier, Jorn, Jacques, etc.)

Detailed view...string is bit intriguing but definitely adds 'Indianness' to it.

That's the packaging, covered with Indian regional newspaper.

Chalo friends, see you soon with heaps of clicks, faces, enchanting colours, incredible objects and of course alphabets and numbers.