Monday, December 31, 2012


Its hardly any time left to arrive 2013. This year went really fast for me, I was super busy and didn't get much time to do anything extra (sadly; completely ignored the blog as well). That's the life of freelancers I guess, but no complaints.

This recently concluded ONE ASIA exhibition was a wonderful experience, where I met so many talented people from different parts of Asia. We all volunteers are still in touch and we are a big family now. This is what I have displayed there, got a nice corner to showcase the work.

Also please have a look at this link for other happenings & artists of ONE ASIA event. (Images by Jacky and Jyoti)

And lastly, I wish you a very happy, fun filled and of course safe new year. See you in 2013 with lots of new stuff, exciting projects.
(Just to share the excitement: I am writing this post on my newly bought iMAC, I am not used to desktop as my MacBookPro laptop has to retire, hence getting used to BIG screen and missing track-pad)

Text read as Best Wishes for the New Year (written in Devnagri script)

Friday, December 14, 2012


Just to drop in to invite all of you for ONE ASIA event; also an opening of a Ek Sutra Calligraphy exhibition. Here in Delhi at IIC on 14th December 6 PM onwards...
Please spread the word, share it on social network (
Read more about what is ONE ASIA here

Thursday, August 9, 2012


I am back to my sketchbook—actually loose sheets of paper found while organizing my studio. There is something unique of these stale, old, damp papers. Inks get really excited when they meet their lost old friends. Nevertheless it always works for me. Will try to make them meet more often. Enjoy!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Over the weekend M decided to make something crunchy, snacky 'Sev' or the so called 'Bhujiya (in North-India) for little D and obviously for us too. These are basically crispy, salty and mildly spiced (specially since one year old D can't take a lot of spice). They are in either straight or circular depending on how you move your hand while making it. Considering it was a first time experiment they turned out really tasty and are a good munchy stuff while surfing, reading and watching TV etc.
While I was reading and enjoying my snack; I felt something odd, uneven in my mouth. What caught my attention was this unusual shape. To my surprise it was none other than our favorite 'Ampersand'. It was completely unintentional and a surprised which M was totally unaware of.
Here is a darling '&' with her portfolio. In some angle it also look like a person sitting in leg-folded position.

Here its a tool which created this masterpiece. It requires hell lot of energy and pressure to get noodles from its nozzle.

And here are the nozzles—to get different kinds textures, patterns etc.

Next time, intentionally will try rest of the nozzles to create Sevography.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Essential Kabir

Hachette has come up with a gift edition called  Essential Series. It is a series of poetries translated from the works of great poets like GibranRumi and Kabir.
I got a chance to design a cover for Essential Kabir which was already conceptualized internally.
Its a single letter devnagri 'Ka' stenciled out on the front cover and poem(doha) on the back; screen-printed in single black colour. 

Here are the renditions:
Final cover with cutout 'K'

'K' explorations

Back cover explorations:


Its a must read, its a bilingual and simple...

Thursday, April 19, 2012

I wish every projects should often happen this way.
That FINE day,
one call came,
He introduced with reference.
Details exchanged.
Briefed briefly.
Work started.
Exchanged styles.
Received Feedback.
Reworked few.

I got a call from one studio who wanted to write matter on Nine scrolls. For one of their client's international guests. They were planning to keep these scrolls in respective guests' room as a surprise cum thank you note for visiting India for a particular project. The studio have had the scrolls and they wanted somebody to write the matter on it to add personal touch.

I like such quickies ;)

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Featured in An-Indian-Summer

Leehkin is featured in
AnIndianSummer-Design Blog!
The blog with
Amazing design inspirations!!
The blog with
Awesome visual treats!!!
–Interesting &
–Talented people...

I am humbled to be a part of this.
Go on and enjoy the sunshine!

Thank you Bhavna, Thank you!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


I got this opportunity to design a nameplate for a family lives in Gurgaon. Their house is very tastefully done and paid lots of attention to the details on interiors, furniture and each and every corner of the home which is neatly 'designed'. Hence, the challenge was to maintain the consistency outside too. After all I believe 'the nameplate talks about your personality; its another identity'. We opted for the 'Devnagri' lettered nameplate as non of the residence on their floor has the names/surnames written in Hindi. So it would be really 'cool' to be up there. I also composed English names along with main Hindi Calligraphy to make it visitors/guests life simpler. (Who can't read, understand Hindi–such a shame!).

Monday, January 2, 2012


Wish you a very joyous new 2012.
Wish you a very successful new 2012.
Wish you a very healthy new 2012.
Wish you a very peaceful new 2012.
Lets welcome 2012 with great hope, ambition and big smile.

Let me share the pictures of my last exhibition which took place in Russian Centre of Art & Science.(Group show). I displayed total eight pieces. Exhibition was a good experience in terms of my personal learning. Good response. Met new like-minded people. New Contacts. First time I put up the show in black & white (didn't feel like using colours rather my mind refused to use colours). First time I worked on bigger scale. The feeling of playing with letters and ink on such big canvas can't describe in words:) My mind subconsciously chose Devnagri alphabets and as usual they didn't disappoint me.
See the results here:

Wall one
Wall Two.

One of the biggies


The superb venue with work of rest of the artists.