Wednesday, May 4, 2011

++ Tall Dark Handsome ++

Presenting another version of letterlamp which I have made long time ago. This time its in metal; more sturdy but slightly heavy than the previous one. It showed its presence in ArtHouse exhibition too.
This LetterLamp is designed by using geometric abstraction of Devnagri (Script) consonants. These structured letters and basic skeleton of alphabets helped to create the grid like composition. Beauty of the lamp lies in counters of letterforms which create luminous small windows. This three sided lamp (prism shaped) is made up of 2mm thick aluminium sheet and powder coated in black with slight texture.

Switched Off Mode:

Switched On Mode:

It has cover/lid/cap on top which has light source attachment and its removable.

Well, this tall–dark–handsome–intellectual is also available for sale! To make your corner seriously, thoughtfully beautiful get in touch with me at

A little work is left for inside. Planning to change the light source. I am going to replace the T5 (which is very long) to normal CFL. Right now its diffused with thin film sheet but can be replaced with white/milky acrylic or can be left open!


Kanika Bahl said...


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Sharon said...

its beautiful!

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Milady said...

absolutely love this.

Swati Chandak Sharma said...

its beautiful..though reminds me of oriental lamps..

WildmanDesigns said...

Hi Nikheel! I saw your lamps in the latest issue of Letter Arts Review! They are absolutely stunning!!!

Congratulations on getting into the Annual! A well-deserved honor!

Sandeep Menon said...

What an Idea Nikheel...just loved the way the lamp looked when lit...Your 'Typo-philia' is well evident in everything you do... Hats off to that passion..