Saturday, December 4, 2010

Typography Workshop : : Aksharaya

Recently I attended a typography workshop/camp which was organized by Aksharaya group, Mumbai and sponsored by a well-known paper company. This camp was took place in 'Alibaug' a 2 hrs ferry ride from Mumbai.

I was excited from the day when they invited me to participate. After lots of emails exchange about cordinatation, briefing, accomodation, communting etc. we finally reached Alibaug. These were all new faces for me, I haven't interacted with any of these participants before. It was a great experience to share creative space with them; learn new interesting things, methods from them and of course a fun with them. This camp was full of joyrides and productive outcome too.
The brief was to create word/s using any of the Indian script but only with paper/s. Well I can't reveal much details about this but I can share some glimpse of what we were upto! Soon this group will officially disclose the magical moments of Alibaug, then I will also share the same with you guys.

Its wonderful initiative from a body like Aksharaya and its great to know my country is also started these kinds of events for 'letter conscious people' like me. Looking forward to more come from and many more hidden talent, skill and passion flows.

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Jane Farr said...

Congratulations Nikheel; the workshop looks as though it was a wonderful experience!