Monday, January 24, 2011

Aksharaya : : Calendar2011

Remember I mentioned about the type-workshop I have attended in Alibaug? On Thursday, the client Sona Commercial Pvt Ltd finally launched the calender here in Delhi which has all designers' artworks they made during workshop. Works included by the faculty, students, recently graduates, professional designers from Mumbai, Delhi, Bangaluru etc.
There were many participants so they selected best 12 to fit in this 2011's calendar. Here are some pictures of what we have done and the madness, fun behind these 12 leaves.
The Venue:

We worked in our rooms & night!

Intricacy in progress, by Sulekha a designer from Bangaluru.

More madness but definitely fun...

Here is display of final leaves of the calendar, where they presented each page as an artwork and was looking really awesome.

L to R: Puppet in Gujrati-kathputni (Snehal), Water in Kannada (Hiren), Love in Hindi (Rocky)

The above photos are by Pooja Saxena, a Delhi based communication designer and avid typo lover. Find the word gurumukhi 'Ghumangheri' in her labyrinth artwork, can't find it then check her awesome blog.

Unfortunately my work is not included in this calendar, but never mind this calendar justifies the great skills, talent and creativity. But I am sharing what I have done. The letters have been composed or rather built in a way to represent a concrete grid like cityscape; not with ink and brush but with only papers of different thickness and colours where each Devanagri Vowel helps create the desired feel.

Seriously, It was a nice trip and great collaborative effort. Lots to learn, lots to know! This motivates me do go deeper and acquire more friendship with letters. The journey actually began with the end of workshop. Standing on the deck, cold breeze, admiring Trajan of Gate of India, like minded people around who drink, eat and sleep types...memorable experience!

Cheers and many thanks to Sarang, Noopur, Santosh Kshirsagar, Pooja, Hanif, Rocky, Sulekha, OJ (Ojaswi), Locopoco (lokesh) and entire Whitecrow, Aksharaya team and of course Sona Commercial.


dvj said...

Superb! Sounds bloody fascinating! N i really like your idea. It was not printable... but the idea... a(small) hero! for sure :D
great stuff! keep delighting us..

Swati Chandak Sharma said...

This is awesome niks! Share more of the calendar if you may plz :)

Kathy McCreedy said...

I love your sentiment about like-minded people who eat, drink, and sleep type... I cannot get enough of letters and typography, and find that pretty much everything I'm drawn to contains letters. Enjoyed your post very much, here's to making beautiful letters!