Friday, December 17, 2010

A New Beginning

Breaking News!
Yes, I quit my full time job and I am full time at home.

Plans: No plan is the plan
I will do whatever I want
I will do whatever I enjoy*
Calligraphy? For sure
Graphic design? Bread and butter
What's wrong with you? A Risk
Do you need any help? Get me some projects or buy my artworks+products or just wish me luck:)

*I wanted a well deserved break from my routine life. I will literally sit and think and sleep over my ideas and give some time to myself. I will make sure those ideas will see some day of light. This would also give me the opportunity to pursue my calligraphy in art form as well as for commercial purpose and of course graphic design as well. Now onwards I will be working as an independent designer and calligrapher I am also open to working/collaborating on projects.

So, keep visiting this blog to see what I am upto...


Sandeep Menon said...

Congrats Nikheel!!!
That sure does require a lot of guts and determination.
All the best!
May the coming days fill your heart with lots of ideas and fill your days with lots of opportunities.
Looking forward to see those beautiful strokes from your brushtips..

~G said...

Goodluck! de-lurking the first time here, a long time follower. Love your designs. Keep up the work.

Ashoo said...

Good to hear that ! looking fwd to faster & loads of new updates Nikheel .. all the best !

dvj said...

That was a very spirited decision! Hope you do all you have listed above.... Look forward to see some more fun calligraphy form you. All the luck!

nikheel said...

Thank you so much, Sandeep, G, Ashoo and Dipika. Its really motivating and feel really nice for wishes.

Jane Farr said...

Best wishes on your New Beginning Nikheel!! Congratulations on taking a risk. :)

Anonymous said...



kye said...

Nikheel! i have a save money to commission nikheel to do something for my home fund. so pray i get rich soon. kicking my full time job was the best thing i did!

nikheel said...

Thanks Kanchan!
Thank you so much Kalyani, anytime anytime, now I have ample amount of time ;)