Thursday, November 18, 2010

SWARMAYEE: Logo for academy of music and art

I designed this logo for a very small scale music and art academy in Mumbai. It is run by a couple Ved and Arti Nair. Ved was a music composer of film Khargosh, which I have done a film title and credits. It was really a short notice job as they needed it urgently for their upcoming event.

This is what client said:

You are simply too good!!!
And that too at such a short notice!! 
I saw the design and its really wonderful -
the rhythm created by those 'extensions',
the balance achieved and the subtle details,
especially the lyrical swan's neck-like figures!!
Musicality of/within your design is just brilliant!!
You have given much more than my friends could imagine!
They are so happy and proud of possessing the design.


Jane Farr said...

Great work!! Congrats. :)

Sandeep Menon said...

Indeed there is music in the logo itself... Seeing this logo, I got reminded of a famous quote which we get to hear during college days..."Architecture is frozen music". And now I think, even Calligraphy is 'frozen music'.

Swati Chandak Sharma said...

nice one niks! simple n lyrical :)