Thursday, May 31, 2018

36daysoftype with daddy and daughter

I was observing and admiring a lot on instagram about #36daysoftype. But never dared to participate as I wasn't sure about commitment and patience. This time I thought of giving it a try. It was fine for me to leave it incomplete, I was prepared. I fixed on this decision when me and my 7 year old daughter were playing 'rangometry'* and trying out different shapes, making random characters and objects. Obviously my first try-outs were letterforms and was quite hooked on making, arranging, composing letters as results were not bad.

36daysoftype exercise is pretty simple—anyone can participate, no fee, no registration. Participant needs to make, draw, create, write or shoot one letterform each day and upload it on their respective instagram handle. End of 36 days, you get 26 alphabets along with 10 numerical like a basic font family. You can wish to pick-up any theme for your set or not compulsory though. It's fine if you miss one or two days, you can catch up by posting them later. There are no hard and fast rules, its purely fun and experience purpose.

I decided to work on obvious theme of geometry with colourful shapes. Creating letterforms with primary colours and shapes is a TASK, it sounds and looks simple but IT'S NOT. I tried to create non-obvious, unconventional forms maintaining the readability. I was attempting to make as simple as possible but couldn't give justice the legibility. Also few letterforms needed more shapes to complete. None of the letterforms were created at first take; I approved each letter after 2-3 try-outs.

Here its the complete set of my 36 letterforms. Not fully satisfied but pleased to participate and managed to post it regularly (read: deadlines). My assistant 'designer' of this game was a daughter who helped me to decide what was working and what needed an improvement. Her constant complaint was "you are making complicated letters" I am amazed with her simplistic design solutions and not to carried away because of many options.

Here are the rangometry shapes from which we created alphabets. Rangometry is an excellent teaching aid which is used in my little one's school. To make complex subjects simpler. I think its an excellent tool for graphic designers too make logos, symbols and any graphic-geometric forms.    

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