Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A Group of Young Artists : : {Show TWO}

I would like to invite you for an another exhibition. Again its a group show of SIX young artists. They will showcase the mixed media artworks and paintings at Arpana Caur Gallery from 3-8 August, 2010. Its in Delhi, near Siri Fort Auditorium, whoever is in Delhi during that time please do come and visit the show. I am showcasing total 6 artworks with 5 other artists who have completely distinct styles.

Right side middle one is mine (I am sure you must have guessed it obviously ;)


Kanika Bahl said...

congrats nikheel...great going! love the lamp shown in your last post!

Cheers and All The Best!


Ashoo said...

great going nikeel ,
nice looseness & flow you have there !
Also one of the things that I love in your works is... lots of negative space for the art to breathe!
all the best

Lorraine Douglas said...

Love your new header on your blog...congratulations on your show!

nikheel said...

Thanks Kanika, more such things are coming soon.
Thanks Ashoo for describing the beautiful part of my work.
Thanks Lorrain, thats also part of my artowrk.