Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine Day!

I don't believe in such kinds of days! Just saw the 'love' in one of my sketches so sharing & spreading with you all :)


Lorraine Douglas said...

Happy Valentine's Day to you too, love your exuberant colour!

Swati Chandak Sharma said...

:) sweet! mayb the calli looks out of place though..y dont u use much colour in ur type?

Anonymous said...

Yes me too don’t believe in such days…well I can say this confidently till I find a man to nag too ;)
Btn I like the pict but I feel I would love it more with more distortion in a very haphazardly manner…wat do you think wud it make more impact??

nikheel said...

Thanks Lorraine!

Thanks swati, ya calli looks very much off! its done during one of our school assignment, result of boredom!!

Kanchan, thanks! this was very unintentional, found on very apt day so put it! but ya you never know some more boredom would have added deadly impact;)