Sunday, January 25, 2009

Cloth Letters

I was cleaning my cupboard and found pile of art card glossy sheets. Bit damped, yellowed A2/A1 big sheets were peeping from folder & telling me 'use-us-now-LAZY!!
Here I used a cloth (cotton gamcha kind of rag which is rough in nature) as brush and quite happy with its unexpected awesome results.
A to Z family! Can become a font...

'd' stroke; how each letter ends!

Liked the thickness & texture it creates.

Stunning blot at the end of 'w'

...and that's the 'brush'

Its quite amazing to see the play between 2 different materials where one is rough but flexible and second is smooth & glossy.
Its like ice skate dancing! It will be cool to make them moving.


Milady said...

lovely! love the end of the 'd' and the blot looks like an animal.

reminds me of Hassan Massoudy's work. I kept trying to think of what sort of brush he would use. Finally seeing him work at the British Museum, he uses a thick piece of board!

Anonymous said...

Lovely..Very creative...loved the W with serpent like head...I loved it :)

megha punater said...

these are fabulous the effect with cloth.super :)

bindu said...

Very creative! Your writing strokes are very fluid and clean too.

Swati Chandak Sharma said...

very interesting post 'ee'!

Mi, Sonal said...

hmmmm...reminded me of the crazy photo-session of your cali done on a sunday evening. Turned me nostalgic.

nikheel said...

>>thanks all!
>>good to see u here Sonal, I have already put those crazy–nostalgic calli stuff in past posts:)

Kunjel Chawda said...

Reminds me of my attempts to try out Japanese painting (Sumie painting)while I was in Japan,
although my attempts turned
out not as brilliant as yours.