Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Just an observation, this is very common matchbox in NCR region. The brand or name of the matchbox is ‘DELHI’. Its strongly represented by ‘Gateway of India’ which is located in Mumbai. So is it a typography error or visual error? Or designer wanted to show the presence of capital by showing the visual which actually represents the ‘real’ capital of India. Or it might just be a plain case of weak knowledge about history (or geography)?

Keep reading this blog; I will soon write about my matchbox collection, where you might observe some interesting facts.


AmAn said...

I've seen a few kids getting confused between "India gate" (Delhi) and "Gateway of India" (Bombay)... so... maybe... ;-)

Dahiya said...

Nik-heeel, it mite be that the "Brand owner" wants to symbolize that Delhi "the capital" is gateway to India......

Or else as u said...the Designer had a really pooor understanding of monuments......instead of INDIA GATE.....he used Gateway of India ??

Anonymous said...

Dear Nikheel
I am a phillumenist with over 5000 matchboxes including the Delhi you have commented on.
It a nice pick from your side.
Though I had also picked the error, it nice to see someone placing on the net.
Warm Regards
Vikram Srivastava, Delhi