Sunday, January 6, 2008

Namesake! i to ee

Naam main kya rakha hai? But there is always a story or meaning behind everyone’s name. Especially in case of Indians. There is an interesting story of my name, where central characters are these alphabets ‘ee’. 

I used to be Nikhil till 10th’s board exam form submission. My form got rejected because of some reason, all clerical staff were curious, wondered and couldn’t found the reason! After all tallying and going through in detail everyone relived to know its cause of spelling mistake. On the birth certificate, its Nikheel, so it was not matching with ‘identity—From that onwards I have to call myself Nikheel (stretching on ‘khee’)  keeping in mind, I changed the Devanagari writing too–निखील

Ohh, do you believe in numerology? Suits your creative style ha! Something unique! Easy to get login/email ids—I started liking the ‘difference’ and gradually said good bye to ‘i’ and accepted the presence of ‘ee’. Now days I started signing off my causal-emails by ‘ee’.

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:) Nice one...