Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Over the weekend M decided to make something crunchy, snacky 'Sev' or the so called 'Bhujiya (in North-India) for little D and obviously for us too. These are basically crispy, salty and mildly spiced (specially since one year old D can't take a lot of spice). They are in either straight or circular depending on how you move your hand while making it. Considering it was a first time experiment they turned out really tasty and are a good munchy stuff while surfing, reading and watching TV etc.
While I was reading and enjoying my snack; I felt something odd, uneven in my mouth. What caught my attention was this unusual shape. To my surprise it was none other than our favorite 'Ampersand'. It was completely unintentional and a surprised which M was totally unaware of.
Here is a darling '&' with her portfolio. In some angle it also look like a person sitting in leg-folded position.

Here its a tool which created this masterpiece. It requires hell lot of energy and pressure to get noodles from its nozzle.

And here are the nozzles—to get different kinds textures, patterns etc.

Next time, intentionally will try rest of the nozzles to create Sevography.


neha said...

Sev-O-Graphy! I like :) pls upload soon !!

Sandeep Menon said...

Good that you realised it at the right time, or else this serendipitous 'ampersand' would have been crushed and ingested in no time...SEVOGRAPHY sounds interesting. Waiting to see more creations...
And, by the by did you know, that one day your name will be written in the pages of history for being the 'father of Sevography':)

nikheel said...

Thanks Neha and Sandeep!
Now seriously i have pressure to create Sevography :D