Sunday, March 7, 2010


Its been pending for a while; I take this opportunity to thank everyone to make this blog active and successful. 
I am enjoying this blog thoroughly not just calligraphy and design are my passion but also to meet nice, like minded people from various parts of the world.

Thanks everyone to follow this blog religiously, visiting same site week after week and months...32 followers so far, not bad at all. 

Thanks everyone for your encouraging comments that motivate me and charge me to create something new!
Keep blogging and keep visiting Leehkin!



Patricia Torres said...

oh.. that is so super sweet.. We dont really have to tell you.. that you are awesome at your work.. and hence we come back for more!!

chandrakant said...

after visiting your blog i have started to give attention to my writing and have grown interest in calligraphy.

Jane Farr said...

Beautiful! and I love the ink color too! :)

Sagar Kolte said...

Keep Blogging Nikheel, we enjoy your work!

Kanika Bahl said...

Hey Nikheel! How are you?

I wish to commission a personalized name plate for my door :) from you.
I simply want it to say Kanika and Vivek.
Can we work out the details?
Let me know!