Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Its time to take a pause for a bit!! Leehkin is off to super alluring Amsterdam and lovely Barcelona for few days...yes going solely for a vacation purpose! Its studio's annual vacation

We will be going to visit one design studio in Amsterdam, so planning to give them some gifts or souvenirs from India. These handmade cloth covered diaries with strings attached represent true essence of Indian hospitality. Craftsmanship, colours and Devnagri initials of that studio members make an excellent gift idea and very personal!

There are total 24 pieces all together...

Mix of both...bright, vibrant and rusty, dull. (Cathy, Pier, Jorn, Jacques, etc.)

Detailed view...string is bit intriguing but definitely adds 'Indianness' to it.

That's the packaging, covered with Indian regional newspaper.

Chalo friends, see you soon with heaps of clicks, faces, enchanting colours, incredible objects and of course alphabets and numbers.


Anonymous said...

hey, these are gr8 pieces. I loved them. So have u already started the journey or planning to....Is it a study kinda tour??? Are you going alone or you have some group along with you? Too curious to know.

i wish you a very happy Journey! Enjoy your stay!

C U Soon

bindu said...

Have a good trip! Very creative gifts there, I'm sure they will love them.

Priyanka said...

First time visitor to your blog and already in love!! These diary-gifts are so thoughtful and personal!! You are wonderfully gifted - I love how you use Devnagiri so extensively.

indian yarn said...

hello nikheel -
anything in devangiri script i like. would actually like to do a scroll or a whole wall ( with some sanskrit slokhas ) or write in white paint over a terracotta pot ( matkas ) .. ( but somebody else has to do the calligraphy)
glad you left a comment otherwise wouldn't have known.

Vaani Arora said...

mujhe bhi chahiye!
Mere naye ghar ke accounts likhoongi ismein :-)