Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Is this काष्ठशिल्प (wooden sculpture) or is this just a natural phenomenon? I found this, when I was having lunch under the tree in NID's Heritage campus, during summer time, when college mess was closed. I was cleaning up the space before sitting and spotted the wooden beak peeping from beneath the grass and got curious. I took some time to ascertain the bird like wood or wood like bird. For a moment, I thought it was a dead bird and after a closer inspection, I thought it must be someone's missing art. Amazed and puzzled, I had a quiet lunch with the bird and without thinking further, I carried it along with me. I cleaned it, varnished this 'art–pet' of mine to prevent it from termites. Now its lying in my collection showcase.
I still wonder about its origin and those questions remained the same till date.
What is this? How is it possible? Who is the person behind this. I have no answers but I acknowledge the miracle and creator of this masterpiece.

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